Using a Day in the Life of Your Members to Deliver Relevant Value

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Many thanks to Joe Rominiecki for highlighting Anna Caraveli’s and my ideas about member value and engagement in his recent article in Associations Now: Experience a Day in the Life of Your Members.

We agree with Joe’s conclusion that employing both quantitative and qualitative research gives an association the best possible understanding of their members. However, we disagree that the type of in-depth understanding of your members we’re advocating is simply one option among many on a spectrum of equally-valuable research methods. Instead, we’re arguing that the profound knowledge and awareness of member values, drivers, experiences, and needs embodied in the “day in the life” experience, are the essential foundation on which every decision an association makes about how it delivers value–not just to members, but to all of its constituencies and stakeholders–should be based.

In our view, associations that do not have this comprehensive grasp of what make their members “tick” will (not “might”) have an incomplete picture of what their members need. And, with an incomplete picture of member needs, they can only have an incomplete understanding of how to deliver relevant value.

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