You need more members, right away. We’ll help you grow–quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll also use our vast experience and proven approaches to take you beyond membership “churn” to help you build the indispensable relationships and value that make membership in your association a “no brainer.” Our reality-based membership solutions are practical, affordable, doable. Integrated with your other programs. And game-changing. You’ll get immediate results at the same time you build a market-based framework for sustainable, demand-oriented growth.



Membership Acquisition & Renewal

  • Membership Program Audits–In-depth “state of the union” analysis of your membership program, including acquisition, renewal, conversion, and retention. Practical, step-by-step Action Items help you maximize ROI from your current program and build a strong foundation for future growth. For all or part of your membership program, or specific media or materials.
  • Membership Model Realignment–Has your membership model passed its “sell-by date”? Do you need to change your membership model, redefine “membership,” or realign your benefits and services to better meet the needs of today’s members? We’ll help you explore, develop, structure, and test the model that ensures the most beneficial and lasting relationship between your association and its stakeholders.
  • Integrated Membership Acquisition & Renewal Plans–Turn-key plans encompassing all appropriate: media; budgets; projected results; lists; schedules; offers & messages, and more. For your entire membership program, renewal or acquisition program, or individual campaigns.
  • Membership Acquisition & Renewal Plan Implementation–Experienced management of all vendors, lists, data processing, printing, creative development, media coordination, and more. For full programs or individual campaigns.
  • Membership Acquisition & Renewal Creative Development–Expert copywriting and graphic design for all media, including USP/value propositions, offer and message development and integration. For full plans or individual campaigns or media.



  • Membership Conversion Programs–Design, development and implementation of effective programs & materials to engage and “convert” new members to long-term “renewed” members through awareness of benefits & regular, meaningful interaction between your organization, your members, your markets, and their stakeholders.
  • Multi-Year Retention Strategies–Design, development & implementation of engagement strategies for promoting long-term or lifetime renewal, including membership segments most vulnerable for non-renewal.


Market Development

  • Member Market Analyses–Map the true parameters & untapped potential of new or core member or customer markets, including mission tie-in, realistic growth potential, “reachabilty,” key characteristics, and more.
  • Customer Development Plans & Programs–Growth beyond members, including conferences and seminars, web site traffic, subscriptions, social media, and more.