Our research services and expertise span the full spectrum of primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative methodologies. What makes us different is our point of view. We develop tools and interpret data from a membership, marketing, and engagement perspective–finding you the actionable data you need to leverage your assets and close any gaps in these mission-critical programs.

All of our research reports include data-based Action Items for impactful short-and long-term growth. We use an appropriate mix of new and traditional methods to acquire rock-solid data on which you can base realistic member- and market-driven strategies and products. Here are just a few:

Surveys & Assessment Tools

  • Needs Assessment Studies–Get to the heart of what your members and markets really need from your organization. Our needs assessment studies include survey planning and development, data collection, analysis, reporting, and recommendations for integrating the findings with your planning processes and budgets.
  • Membership, Market & Opinion Surveys–Our highly-interactive development process ensures that the data your surveys collect will mesh seamlessly with your current and future programs and goals. And, the data will be information you can actually use to move forward. Like our needs assessment studies, our survey services include planning and development, data collection, reporting, analysis, and integration with your planning process.
  • The Two-Minute Survey–Visit our Engagement page for more details.
  • Support Services–Our survey and research services also include key stakeholder and respondent follow-up interviews and forums, focus group facilitation (virtual and in person), staff and board presentations, and more, as needed.


Mapping & Audit Tools

  • Membership, Marketing, Engagement & Branding Program Audits–Also social media, communications, and materials. Visit our Membership, Marketing, and Engagement pages for more details.


Expert, In-depth, Customer & Market Analyses

  • Competitive Analysis–Know your competition and how you stack up in your members’ minds. Who are your competitors? How are they branded? What are their key messages? How do they compete for mindshare, engagement, markets, and more. And, what does it mean for your organization’s value proposition, messaging, and brand?
  • Market & Customer Development Analyses–Visit our Membership page for more details.
  • SWOT Analysis–Learn your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat and how you can use the to your advantage in branding, product development, value propositions, niche marketing, and more.
  • Results Analysis & Reporting–Understand what your membership and marketing statistics and results are really telling you. Interpret and use campaign/program results to increase response rates and ROI. For full plans or individual campaigns. We can interpret new data or take a fresh look at previously existing results.