We bring you marketing success by helping you understand and meet your members where they are and then run with or ahead of them to where they are going. What is their story and how does your association fit into it? What is your members’ value proposition and how do your services align? What are their worldviews and how well do your key messages resonate with them? How do your stakeholders perceive your organization and how well does your brand reflect that? Every service is customized, focused on motivating action, and achievable.

Here are just some of the tools we employ to deliver powerful, effective marketing, communications, and branding solutions targeted to your unique markets and needs:Spacer

Marketing & Communications Planning

  • Marketing, Communications & Social Media Audits–Everything you need to know about your current programs. Channels, messaging, communications, materials. What works, what doesn’t, and what to do about it.
  • Marketing Process Reviews–Unbiased analysis of your current marketing process (how you do what you do), including procedures, staffing, workflow, database capabilities, internal communications, and more. Actionable recommendations on how to help your marketing staff “get out of their own way” in implementing successful marketing programs and plans.
  • Marketing Planning Workshops–In-depth, facilitated planning sessions for key stakeholders. We help you identify, debate, prioritize, and build consensus on strategic marketing goals and build a “doable” action plan based on your members’ needs and your association’s resources instead of another “wish list” of unreachable goals.
  • Integrated Marketing & Communications Plans–Fully-integrated, strategic and tactical plans, including: budgets; formats; lists; media; timing; offers; testing strategies; messaging; results tracking and more. Adaptive 12-24 rolling plans for one program or an entire association.


Key Message Development

To ensure your communications speak–across all media–with one clear and convincing voice that reflects your brand, we’ll help you develop your key messages by employing tools such as:

  • Keyword Analysis–Identifies the key words and phrases members and other stakeholders use when talking about their challenges and your association.
  • Tagline Development–Your association’s unique value proposition in 10 words or less. The essential message.
  • Elevator Speech–Integrated talking points enabling staff, board members, volunteers and other stakeholders to articulate key messages quickly, clearly, and consistently to any audience. The basis of all communications.


Brand Strategy Development

  • Internal & External Brand Mapping–The foundation of any successful brand strategy. How does your organization perceive its own brand? How well do your staff, leaders, and stakeholders understand, articulate, and communicate your brand? How do your members and markets perceive–and receive your brand? Where are the gaps and how do you fix them?
  • Brand Development Workshops–Facilitated workshops for staff and leaders on how to identify and bring all brand stakeholders–internal and external–into the branding process to brainstorm, develop priorities, create strategies and move forward together.
  • Logo & Collateral Development–Design, development, and creative services for any and all branding materials and media, including digital, print, and more.
  • Brand Rollout–Workable strategies and tactics for rolling a new or revitalized brand out to members and the marketplace, including: media; internal and external communications, key messages, budgets, timelines, and more.


Marketing, Communications & Branding Implementation & Creative Services

Need to get a program up and running but don’t have the time or staff to do it? We can make it happen for you. On time and on budget.

  • Program & Campaign Management–Experienced management of all vendors, lists, media, data processing, printing, creative development and more. For full plans, individual campaigns, or single projects.
  • Creative Development–Integrated and profitable value propositions, key message development, offers, copywriting and graphic design services for all media and materials, including: social media; advertising; SEO; multi-media; and more.
  • Copywriting–Expert and effective copywriting for any and all materials, formats, and media.
  • Graphic Design--Synergistic and sophisticated graphic design management for any and all materials, formats, and media.
  • List Research–The critical foundation of marketing success. Let us handles your list research and rentals based on 25 years’ proven direct marketing success.
  • Results Tracking–One-to-one consulting with internal IT staff and vendors on how to track results using your current management system. What to track, what it means, and how you can leverage it for more effective programs.
  • Results Analysis & Reporting–Visit our Research page for more details.