We take different approach to engagement. Instead of trying to convince members that engagement is the basis of value, we map, prioritize, and use what members value to drive a new model of engagement–the continuous, member-driven and mutually-beneficial interaction between all of your stakeholders (not just members) and your association.

Here are just a few of the proprietary and other tools we use to develop our clients’ customized engagement solutions:

Engagement & Value Mapping

  • The Two-Minute Survey–Our version and interpretation of Fred Reichheld’s The Ultimate Question®, your organization’s Net Promoter Score®, and what the answers mean for your association’s value proposition.
  • Meme Mapping™–Identify your association’s “meme” (the worldview your members share and talk about), and the one thing every member, customer and stakeholder believes only your association can provide. A new an proprietary tool, this is the basis for every engagement decision and strategy.
  • Engagement Audit™–A proprietary “state of the union” analysis of your members’ current engagement patterns and activities, including competitors for your members’ attention, loyalty, and value. Lays out how you can use this knowledge to develop the optimal paths for increasing and sustaining engagement.
  • Raw Asset Analysis™–Identify the “raw” values, solutions, and unique capabilities your association delivers that can be leveraged to enhance your value proposition and engagement with your services, including reconfiguring membership categories, benefits, pricing, and more.


Engagement Strategies & Plans

Innovative, customized solutions to your unique engagement challenges including:

  • Chapters
  • Next Generation
  • Time Issues.
  • Staff-driven Solutions
  • Product Co-development.
  • Strategic Partnerships.
  • Social Media Optimization,  and more.