The Maia Marketing Group Advantage

A Different Kind of Agency

The Maia Marketing Group turns the traditional, staff-driven agency model on its head.  Because we are a group of affiliated experts, our process is client-driven, not staff-driven. 

At MMG, there is no bureaucracy because we don’t have a large staff to “feed.”  Instead, we can put the best, most experienced, and proven successful minds in the business to work on your programs—immediately.  For each program, we assemble the right team for your needs—not the other way around.

Our corporate structure allows us to provide every service our clients require—but faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than a traditional agency. 


Experience is the Difference

Each of our group members has 20+ years of experience in their field of expertise—and all are successful CEOs in their own right. All together, MMG team members have worked with 250+ not-for-profit organizations…helping them research, plan, and implement their successful marketing programs.  No other agency can bring this level of market-tested experience to bear on your marketing programs—every single time.


You Work Only with Senior Staff

At The Maia Marketing Group, you’ll always be working with our most senior team members.  That’s because at MMG, we have more “chiefs,” and fewer “Indians.”  Your work is done by seasoned experts with decades of real experience and knowledge in their specific field, who personally oversee every aspect of your program.


Integrated Approach

We take an integrated approach to solving client challenges.  There will always be at least two MMG group members working on your project whose skill sets complement one another’s.  Thus, our research is structured with your specific marketing goals in mind. Our marketing plans incorporate your staff structure and processes.  Our strategic planning process includes coaching techniques to help you implement your plan.  Our marketing messages encompass all of your communications.


Personal Service

Our experts personally handle all aspects of your marketing program.  MMG takes on only a few clients each year so that we can personally develop and manage each program or project to suit each client’s unique needs, challenges, markets, and culture. 



MMG clients enjoy all the advantages of one-stop-shopping.  You will need to call only one expert contact for all of your marketing needs—yet you will be able to draw on the expertise of more than 50 marketing support experts


Proven Results

We have the proven results to back up our claims. Just take a look at some of our case studies and the client’s we’ve worked with.  Contact some of our client references.  See for yourself what The Maia Marketing Group can do for you.