Our extensive network of partners and vendors enables us to provide every service our clients require—from market research and strategic planning, to project implementation and creative development, straight through to results analysis.

Market Research

Our research services and expertise include the full spectrum of primary and secondary/quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including online and mailed surveys, one-to-one interviews, focus groups, audits, group interviews, and more.  We use an appropriate mixture of methods to help your association acquire reliable data that leads to market-driven, actionable strategies and products.

Our research services include:

Needs Assessment Studies—what your members or markets need, what they value, what they want, how they want it, what they use, why they join/renew, who they are, and more.

Competitive Analyses—who your competitors are, how they are branded, what they offer, how they offer it, what they charge, how they compare to your organization, and more.

SWOT Analyses—what are your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?  How you can use them to your advantage in positioning, new product development, membership growth, marketing messaging, niche marketing, and more.

Readership Surveys—who reads your publications, what they value, how they use them, how they want them delivered, what else they read, and how you can use this data to increase readership and advertising revenue, and more.

Market Development Analyses—the true parameters of your markets:  who is in them, how big are they, what is their long- and short-term growth potential, what is the reachable audience, where are the opportunities for expansion, how much more your organization can realistically grow, and more.



Positioning/Brand Audits—what is your current “brand”, how effective is it, how relevant is it, how well is it communicated, what are it strengths and weaknesses, how can the brand be strengthened or revamped, communicated, and more.

Brand Development—lays the foundation for an effective brand by identifying and analyzing appropriate mission, vision, audiences, products, messages. Identifies and brings all key stakeholders—both internal and external—into the branding process to brainstorm, develop priorities, and reach consensus.

Brand Rollout—concrete strategies and tactics for rolling a brand out to the membership and marketplace, including media targets and channels, internal and external communications strategies and channels, messaging, and more.

Logo/Collateral Development—design, development, and copywriting for all collateral materials relating to branding and brand rollout, including logos, stationery, business cards, websites, news releases, board presentations, commercials, ads, and more.


Marketing Planning

These are just a few of the unique tools we use to develop powerful, effective marketing plans targeted to your unique markets and marketing needs.

Marketing Audits—a comprehensive “state of the union” review of your marketing materials, programs, campaigns, results, audiences, activities, and messages.  We can look at a specific program—such as membership—or audit your association-wide activities.  By analyzing where you are, we can help you determine where you need to be for maximum marketing success.

Marketing Plans—complete, detailed, strategic and tactical plans including recommended priorities, campaigns, formats, lists, media, timing, offers, and more.  For one program or an entire association—12 months to 5 years.

Marketing Process Reviews—a thorough analysis of your marketing process—how you do what you do—including procedures, staffing, IT capabilities, and more, plus concrete recommendations on how to help your association “get out of its own way” in implementing marketing programs and plans.

Strategic Marketing Planning—in-depth planning sessions for key stakeholders facilitated by a planning and coaching expert.  We help you examine, debate, prioritize, and build consensus on strategic marketing goals to build a specific plan of action that includes time lines, resource requirements, and measurements of success, rather than a “wish list” of potential actions or a plan that is unreachable given organizational resources.


General Marketing

Member/Customer Development—successful membership/customer acquisition and retention programs and plans, including conversion and renewal programs, relationship building, new market development, message and offer development, list research and analysis, and results tracking programs.  Customer development programs include conferences and seminars, web site traffic, and publications programs.

New Product Development—actionable, market- and member-driven product development and enhancement plans, based on rigorous primary and secondary research, including needs assessment, competitive and pricing analyses, resources and staff reviews, and more.

Member/Customer Communications & Message Development—powerful, effective, and consistent member/customer communications programs, including multi-media campaigns that keep members informed, generate timely and actionable member feedback, enhance member awareness and use of benefits, and maximize member retention.

Website Analysis—specific recommendations on maximizing your Web site as a membership marketing tool and enhancing your membership development program by tying the Web site seamlessly into the overall program.


Project Implementation & Creative Services

Direct Marketing Management & Implementation—list research to back-end analysis, printing, mailing, copywriting, and everything in between.  We act as an extra marketing staff person to make your plan or project happen—on time and on budget.

Copywriting Services—expert, and effective copywriting for direct mail letters, brochures, emails, web sites, renewals, space and web advertising, media kits, conference promotions, catalogs, PowerPoint and flash presentations, postcards, news releases, CDs and DVDs, dimensional mail, posters, and more.

Graphic Design—synergistic and sophisticated graphic design management for all of the above.

List Research—looking for a quick “pick-me-up” for your marketing campaigns?  Let MMG handle your list research and rentals, based on 20 years of experience in direct mail.  MMG will also consult on inhouse list selection and targeting. 

Results Tracking & Analysis—Don’t throw good money after bad!  Know what’s working.  MMG will work with your marketing and technical staff to develop or enhance a process for accurately tracking the results of all marketing efforts (including direct mail, email, space advertising, and Web site activities) in a timely manner so that your organization can always project the return on investment for any marketing plan or project.